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Sharp - Njord

Sharp - Njord

Valkyrie RPG

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About The Dice

Njǫrd, Old Norse Njǫror, in Norse mythology, the god of the wind and of the sea and its riches. His aid was invoked in seafaring and in hunting, and he was considered the god of “wealth-bestowal,” or prosperity. 

Our Njord shows this with a beautiful cobalt blue frosted resin wrapped around the depths within of a holo inclusion, finished with gold inking and hand-finished sharp edging.

This set has a different shaped d4, not the traditional caltrop design, more like a cute gemstone waiting to to be plucked by some lucky adventurer at the gaming table. It sets this dice set apart from all the other sin our store, and are a showstopper with their colours and finish alone.


Each 7 Piece Set Includes: 1 x of each die.

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Materials & Production Info


Mixed Opacity

Finish Style:

  • Sharp
  • Inclusions
  • Frosted
  • Holo


  • Resin

Ink Colour:

  • Gold

Produced by:

  • Udixi

Manufactured by:

  • Udixi
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