Are you a blind bag addict or perhaps something limited edition and shiny has caught your eye??

Now you can save even more and get a surprise in the post every month with a blind bag subscription!

Subscription services are able to be paused and resumed via your customer portal any time so you have the freedom of remaining in control of your subscriptions easily.

Our Subscription Options

Valkyrie RPG Subbox at a Glance

Exclusive Dice 

An exclusive, limited edition set of dice designed specifically for the theme of that box. Each set will include a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Each period we'll be producing a limited edition set of dice exclusively for that boxes theme.
We'll only be making a very short run of each style, any left over from subboxes will be sold in the store but once they're gone we wont be making that style again.

Themed Extras

Past examples include acrylic charms, pins, additional sets of dice, sweets & other weird and wonderful handcrafted goodies!

Themed sticker pack to match the dice as well as an art flyer with details of that boxes theme alongside with a An exclusive stat block for this months monster to use in your games.

This is all sourced created and curated by ourselves in house.

Safe & Secure

Pause, update details and manage your subscription easily with our user portal.

All subsctriptions placed will automatically renew so there is no need to worry about placing them each month, it is all handled for you!

Payment details and account information is securely encrypted and protected.