• Mortal Deeds

    Your Weekly One-Shot service for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition | Explore the Multiverse of D&D with Roguelike progression | New and Old Players Welcome!

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  • Plot Armour RPG

    New to the Valkyrie Family we're proud to introduce Plot Armour RPG:

    A group of nerdy sentients creating Table Top RPG Content!

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  • Tales On Tap

    Welcome, weary traveller, to the Tales on Tap Tavern! Prepare to be regaled with D&D stories bubbling with excitement, sure to quench your thirst for adventure and fantasy!

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  • Cristy Illustrations

    The artist who produced our custom art nouveau styled Valkyrie piece is the wonderful Cristy Illustrations! 

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  • Dimensional 3D Prints

    Dimensional is your go-to place for all of your to-order 3D printing needs! Producer of our Dice display stands!

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  • Gloomshade Arts

    Our very own Valkyrie, Nyx is the creative mind behind Valkyrie RPG. If our art has a skull on it, it was probably drawn by them.
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  • Goblin Brained Art

    Our very own Valkyrie, Danny is the other half of creative brain at Valkyrie RPG. You can blame them for everything having flowers & dice.
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  • Sam-pi Arts

    The talented artist behind our HEXED artwork pieces all of our discord community server emotes & Stickers!

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  • Board in the City CIC

    They aim to spread the love of gaming and pride themselves on a friendly, inclusive atmosphere for all.
    Board in the City CIC (BitC) Southampton’s first dedicated board game café!

    Nyx used to go to college in Southampton and loves the city so naturally when they approached for prizes and goodies, we had to say yes!

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  • Herefordshire Board Games Con

    Here for Games con is a free inclusive charity games convention 100% of proceeds go to Herefordshire Mind.

    WE have provided a bunch of goodies to add to the prizes for the fund raiser!

    Next Dates:
    10th to 12th May 2024 Hereford
    20-30th April 2024 online

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  • Would you like our support?!

    For Brick and Mortar or online stores, here at Valkyrie RPG we are open to making connections and supplying our wares, like any good market keeper should be.

    Love your local FLGS and want us to reach out to them? or maybe you own one of those friendly awesome shops yourself and wish to stock us, that's cool, let's chat!

    Don't hesitate to get the die rolling

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