Who are Valkyrie RPG?

Valkyrie RPG is run by Nicky and Danny, a duo of queer folk who game and may have a slight dice hoarding problem. Based in Derby, UK The Valkyries have been playing D&D together for several years though we’ve known one another for many-a-moon.

Our Philosophy

We Valkyries pride ourselves on sourcing and producing beautiful dice, providing top notch customer service and we strive to make every dice mail day an exciting one. 

As avid collectors ourselves we know the disappoint FOMO (fear of missing out) sale models can cause and it’s our promise that we will strive to always maintain a good level of stock when it comes to our custom dice and that any limited runs will be produced and released in a way to ensure as many of our customers as possible have an opportunity to snag them.

Our Affiliates