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How can we help?

Here at Valkyrie RPG we do our best to ensure all orders are correct, shipped in a timely fashion and problems are solved briskly and effectively. Should you find anything wrong with your order please feel free to contact us on social media such as our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as well as by email: / or simply use our contact us page here on the website. We are always happy to help and work things out with you. 
We strive to answer all questions and to do it as fast and effectively as possible, please never feel afraid to prod questions our way, we will happily receive them. 


Chat will not give me updates on my order?

If you input your email, full name, or order number used on your order in to the chat window, the bot will automatically update you on your order progress. 


What does 'Order Fulfilled' Mean?

This means the order has been packed, and passed to our postage provider (Royal Mail) and should be dispatched the same day that your fulfilment notification was received.


What is Sedir?

Seidr icon

Sedir is our customer reward and loyalty points, this is our way of thanking you for shopping with us and giving something back to the adventurers that make this all happen! 

  1. Do I have to have an account? Yes
  2. Is an account free? Yes
  3. Can I remove myself from rewards program at any time? Yes
  4. I already have an account, will my points be added from previous purchases? Yes, we are aware many customers have spent a fair amount with us in the past and are working through accounts to ensure they all have been credited points they are entitled to! 
  5. I have bought with you before but not as an account do I get points? Yes. If you sign up for an account using the email used for your guest account order, it will have the points in the account from previous orders on that email. 
  6. My points are still not showing (guest purchase -> made an account) Please contact us directly about this issue and we will look in to it for you.
  7. I have more than one account, can I combine my points on to one account?  Yes, please send us an email with the information of both accounts, and which one you would like to make primary, the secondary will be deleted. Send enquiries to:
  8. How do Seidr points work?  when you have enough Seidr to redeem a code, ensure you order total is close to that total or above it as the points do not match the order total. e.g. An order total of £15 using a £20/2000 points Seidr redemption code will take away the 2000 Seidr entirely from your total points accrued. 


How can I pay for my order?

We take all major card providers as well as paypal, google pay and apple pay. 
We now also take orders using Klarna to! so you can split large orders in to smaller payments!


Where is my order?

Once you have paid for your order, we shall hand pick and individually check each dice to ensure they are the best quality before sending them out. Once checked, they are then lovingly packed, we hope you roll many Natural 20's! Then it’s off to the postal raven.

We are back to 3 days a week posting (Mon, Wed, Fri).

If your order was placed after 9am on these days it will not be shipped out until the following shipping day. (eg, order is placed at 11am Monday - it will be sent out on that Wednesday)

(If your order has pre-order items you will receive the entire order once the pre-order items have arrived in our store).


I paid for Special Delivery, where is my order?

We are a small business and have set postal days as mentioned on this page, your order will be shipped by the method you select (in this case special delivery) on the day we post goods out next.

Once the package has been handed to the post office you will receive a tracking number via email where you track and follow updates on your delivery.

We do not offer next day postage like amazon or other much larger postal services and businesses. We feel checking our orders are correct, that the quality is checked and processed effectively is much more important than providing a rushed next day delivery service for our products. 

My order has arrived but something is wrong!

While the Valkyrie’s do their best to ensure each order gets to you in the best condition sometimes Loki does cause some mischief here and there. If you have a problem with your order, please do not hesitate and get in touch and we’ll resolve them as quickly as possible. However, we can’t be held responsible for any Nat 1's!


Free Postage 

For all UK orders we offer free 2nd Class shipping! 

We do however recommend that if your order value is over £50 to upgrade it to a paid for service of 1st class, and over £70 special delivery so it can be tracked and insured. 


My coupon code is not working!?

We have several coupon codes active, some work with other deals and some do not. Please be aware if there is a buy X get Y free offer on or any other automatically added deal they do not work in conjunction with our manual coupon codes. 

  1. Check the Spelling, Grammar and any symbols or numbers used. 
  2. Entering a manual code is on the proceed to payment page and is not applied automatically. 
  3. Community members wishing to use the community code need to read the description of the Facebook community group page for instructions on how to get your account open to use the code.


Do you make your own dice?

We are bringing you dice from other realms made by known manufacturers such as HD, Udixi and so on. All dice are still quality checked the moment they come in and at the time of being picked to ensure only the best dice reach you.

Our own dice are in the Valhalla collection. This collection is for all dice produced (designed and finalised) by ourselves and manufactured by our friends in another realm!

What About Legendary Pants?

We are the official stockist of Legendary Pants dice here in the UK & EU.

Legendary Pants is a table top game development company based in Philadelphia. They focus on making awesome content & Dice for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.


Will discontinued stock ever come back? / I want something that is discontinued, help!

Should there be a strong enough demand for stock to make its way back from the wings of the ravens and back in to our store we will listen, feel free to email us or call out on social media tagging us about this and we will certainly get back to you about it. 

Manufacturers of dice sometimes discontinue selected lines for some time, eventually bringing them back in later on and others stop them all together. Any we are struggling to source back in or have been out of stock for too long from our manufacturer will be discontinued on the site. 

Help! My Question isn’t answered here!

Don’t panic adventurer, if we haven’t covered your question you are always welcome to get in touch and our friendly Valkyries will answer as soon as possible. You can reach us by the ‘Contact Us’ page but the fastest way for a response is by dropping a message on Facebook. This page sends emails to our

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