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Valkyrie RPG

Blind Bag - Myrkheim D6s

Blind Bag - Myrkheim D6s

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About Blind Bags:

Now in new eco packaging that can be fully recycled each blind bag contains a set of 10xD6 from our 15mm selection, all worth at least £4.99

We allow our blind bags to go down to a 0 inventory so that we can pick fresh stock for them and make sure that there is a nice selection of dice in the pool to pick from and not a mass load of the inexpensive sets only. 

If you see our blind bags on 0, fret not, the will be back in stock within 1 working day usually. 

Each Set Includes:

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Materials & Production Info


Mixed Opacity

Finish Style:

  • Single Colour
  • Two Colour Mix
  • Colour Swirl
  • Pearlscent
  • Shimmer
  • Vapour
  • Glitter


  • Acrylic

Ink Colour:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White

Produced by:

Manufactured By:

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