At a Glance

Exclusive 7 Piece Valk logo Set

Every other month we'll be working with our manufacturer to create an exclusive set that ties into that month’s theme, giving you early and exclusive access to our new limited edition sets.

We'll only be making a limited number of each set, any left over from the boxes not sold will be placed for sale on our store (sub box price will always remain lower than single set RRP), after that once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Each set will come with a numbered limited edition collectors card and come with our logo on the face of the 20 of the D20.

Themed & Curated Extras

Our subscription box is filled with a treasure trove of handcrafted goodies and creations that perfectly align with our theme, leaving you awe-inspired!

We undertake the task of designing and producing these items ourselves, occasionally sourcing them from other skilled artisans to showcase their work or simply because they are more proficient in the desired theme!

48hr tracked shipping (UK)

Because the new dice will be exclusives we're upgrading each and every UK box to 48 hour tracked shipping in order to help avoid any boxes going missing.

Get ready for an exciting upgrade! Our boxes are transforming into small parcels to accommodate bigger and better gifts and crafts!

New Subscription App

We offer an improved and more efficient app to handle subscriptions.

While we plan to transition to Shopify's own app in the future, rest assured that things are still as secure as ever.

The new app makes it easier for both of us to manage subscriptions, and you have better control over your account.

You can easily pause, cancel, and resubscribe as well as find needed information first hand on subscription product pages.

Same Great Price

While some things are changing, the price of your subscription box isn't; it's staying at £20 every other month.

We know it may feel like you're losing something in moving from a curated dice palette to a single set but we're excited to bring you something new, unique and created just for you.

Don't worry each box is still going to be full of extras, including stickers and free gifts, all fitting the theme of the dice so you're still getting the same Valkyrie touches you know and love.

  • Previously

    Last year saw us explore the festivals of the Pagan Calendar with a plethora of gifts and themed goodies.

    We have made and produced anything from wooden & acrylic charms to witchbell, spell balls & miniatures!

    Each and every subscription box we've ever sent out has been jam-packed with an array of delightful treasures and bonus goodies, and we are dedicated to keeping up this incredible tradition.

  • Currently

    Starting with December 2023's box we'll be moving onto our new theme: Cryptids!

    Each month will be a celebration of a different cryptid and the lore surrounding it.

    2023 December's Box:
    December - Mari Lwyd

    Indulge in the captivating world of our themed Subscription box, where unique sets await your discovery.

  • Moving Forward

    Moving in to 2024 we are happy to share with you our outlined and chosen themes ahead of time!

    February - Jackalope
    April - Chupacabra
    June - Zaratan
    August - Sheepsquatch
    October - Mothman

    Rest assured that we always maintain transparency with producing limited sets and quantities.

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