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White Sage Smudge

White Sage Smudge

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White sage, used for millennia by indigenous peoples of the American southwest, is famed for it's cleansing and healing properties. And even if you're not one for spiritual cleansing, white sage has been shown in numerous studies to have antioxidative and antimicrobial properties. 

How to use white sage:
While some aspects of smudging may vary based upon your personal beliefs the basics are the same whether you're looking to cleanse your home of negative energies or simply leave it feeling refreshed.

Take a single leaf from the bundle and carefully light it using a flame source of your choice (be that a candle, lighter or match). Allow the leaf to burn for a moment before blowing out any remaining flames, allowing it to smoulder.

Gently waft the resulting smoke as you make your way around the room. Traditionally this is done with feathers but the draft created by a gentle wave of your hand should be enough to distribute the smoke.

If you're more spiritually inclined, take some time to breath deeply, focusing on the good energies you want to bring into your home as you do this.


Top top: While it might be dramatic and aesthetically pleasing to light the entire bundle, in reality you only need to burn a single leaf to sage a room. Your bundle will last much, much longer if you use it this way!

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