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Sharp - Hugr

Sharp - Hugr

Valkyrie RPG

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About The Dice

Hugr can be most satisfactorily translated as “thought” or “mind.” It corresponds to someone’s personality and conscious cognitive processes, and therefore overlaps considerably with what we today would call someone’s “inner self.”

The Hugr generally stays within its “owner,” but can at times create effects in faraway people just by thinking about them in a certain way. This is particularly possible for people who are described as having an exceptionally strong Hugr.

Our Hugr is a clear resin set with soft, pinkish-white tones, holo inclusions and gold ink. As with all of our premium sharp sets, Hugr comes in a plush PU leather box, with an insert to keep the dice secure for storage or display.

Each 7 Piece Set Includes: 1 x of each die.

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Materials & Production Info



Finish Style:

  • Sharp
  • Holo
  • Inclusions


  • Resin

Ink Colour:

  • Gold

Produced by:

  • Udixi

Manufactured by:

  • Udixi
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