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Sharp - Hamingja

Sharp - Hamingja

Valkyrie RPG

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About The Dice

A breathtaking set of finely crafted sharp edges and stormy blues, with wisps of opaque white twirling around suspended gold foil flakes, finished with copper inking.

Norse mythology identified hamingja as female guardian spirits, representing the luck and fortune of an individual or family. It was believed that she accompanied a person and decided their luck and happiness. Consequently, the name was also used to indicate happiness, and that is what it means in modern Icelandic.

Upon someone's passing, the hamingja was gifted to a cherished relative, following the family for generations and having a hand in their luck. You could even loan your hamingja to a friend if wishing to!

Each 7 Piece Set Includes: 1 x of each die.

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Materials & Production Info


Mixed Opacity

Finish Style:

  • Vapour
  • Colour Swirl
  • Gold Foil
  • Inclusions
  • Sharp


  • Resin

Ink Colour:

  • Copper

Produced by:

Manufactured by:

  • Unknown
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