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Valkyrie RPG

Helheim - Pegasus

Helheim - Pegasus

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Main Colour:
Clear, Pink, and White

Ink Colour:

About The Dice

Transparent dice with Blue inking encapsulate the soul of a Pegasus.  Flowing clouds of opaque white swirling with holographic glitters and cherry blossom inclusions, a must have for any lover of the whimsical beauty of magical creatures and dice alike.

Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

Photography of the Product

Here at Valkyrie we take a lot of care to ensure our product photos are as true to life as possible so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase from us.

Of course monitors do differ, so some differences are unavoidable.



Manufacturer & Production

Manufactured by:
HD / HengDa Dice

Produced By:
HD / HengDa Dice

Care information

Avoid storing in direct sunlight and always roll using a roll tray to protect from breaks and damages.

Do not throw dice on to hard surfaces.

Avoid using or soaking in solvents/harsh chemicals as it can lead to the item suffering damage as well as removal of ink/enamel coatings.

Do not feed to mimics

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