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Forge - Purple Zirconium
Forge - Purple Zirconium
Forge - Purple Zirconium

Forge - Purple Zirconium

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About The Dice

EXPECTED: 25th October 2019.

Black metal dice forged in the fires of deep dwarven mines, infused with purple & holographic panels around their numbers.

This metal dice set is the first to join our collections and pre-orders, it will be added to the regular store in a new section soon called, The Forge.


Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

Photography of the Product

These photographs are stock images from the suppliers website and NOT our photography, we will be taking our own photographs of the dice when they arrive. 

Who Made These Dice


These dice where produced and manufactured by Udixi Dice. 

Shipment Process

  •  Items on pre-order can take some time to come in to our store (usually 2 weeks).
  • Once they arrive and are placed in to the stores regular stock they will be shipped in 1-2 working days from this point.