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Forge - Engraved Labradorite
Forge - Engraved Labradorite
Forge - Engraved Labradorite
Forge - Engraved Labradorite

Forge - Engraved Labradorite

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About The Dice

The understated hews of Labradorite dance between greyish-green to stunning blue. Each set of these beautiful dice are singular, with some dice more reactive to light than others. It's this natural shimmer and variation that make these dice unique!

Real, Semi-precious set of 7 polyhedral dice, made from Labradorite engraved with gold inking. (hexagonal box included!)

Some dice may have small pits filled with gold from the numbers inking process. This is due to them being made from real semi-precious stone and not cast like resin dice, some pits and blemishes cannot be avoided even after the sanding and polishing process.

This makes each set truly unique and sets them aside from other sets of the same stone. 

Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

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Who Made These Dice


These dice where produced and manufactured by Udixi Dice who list stone or glass as the maker.

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