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D&D - Dungeon Master's screen - Wilderness Kit

D&D - Dungeon Master's screen - Wilderness Kit

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Whether you’re exploring the jungles of Chult, sailing through Saltmarsh, or navigating the frozen frontier of Icewind Dale, this Wilderness Kit will help you through it.

Venture into the wilds with this kit for the world's greatest roleplaying game. This kit equips the Dungeon Master with a screen and other tools that are perfect for running D&D adventures in the wilderness. The Dungeon Master’s screen features a gorgeous painting of fantasy landscapes on the outside, and useful rules references cover the inside of the screen, with an emphasis on wilderness rules.

• Punch out reference cards for conditions and initiative rules help keep the flow of the game going.
• Includes table for weather, foraging, navigation, food and water needs, ship speeds and more.
• Dry erase hex map, journey tracker and reference sheets make gameplay easier.

• 1 x Card storage box
• 5 x Dry-erase sheets
• 27 x Condition cards
• 1 x DM screen


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Wizards of the Coast

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