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Sharp - Dainslief
Sharp - Dainslief
Sharp - Dainslief
Sharp - Dainslief

Sharp - Dainslief

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About The Dice

This set is named after a mighty weapon in Norse Mythology.
Dainslief is a mighty blade formerly owned by Norse hero King Hogni. It's legacy was cursed or enchanted, depending on your point of view, in such a way that it had to take a life every time it was drawn. If the sword hadn’t claimed any life, it simply could not be sheathed back into its scabbard.

To make matters even deadlier, the sword’s magic allowed it to kill anyone with even the slightest touch with no need for poisons. It was also known to never miss its target, meaning that blows from Dainslief could be neither blocked, parried, nor dodged.

The rich purple resin holds a plethora of blue shimmer and coppery holo-foil. Finished with silver ink to create a depth of glitter that's ready to catch the light.

This set comes presented in a black metal tin to protect and store your new dice.

Please note: These are semi-handmade dice and do have very minor imperfections caused by the inclusions touching the surface of the resin.
And as always we advise caution when handling these sharp dice as they can very quickly become caltrops if dropped!

Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

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Who Made These Dice


These dice where produced and manufactured by Udixi Dice. 

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