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Bifrost - Ariel
Bifrost - Ariel
Bifrost - Ariel
Bifrost - Ariel

Bifrost - Ariel

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About The Dice

Icy cold Opaque colours of pink, lilac, sky blue and teals alike to that of the frozen oceans of Uranus' moon. Lined with silver inking this set is a must have for any with a chilling aspect to their game or character.

Each 7 Piece Set Includes:

Photography of the Product

Here at Valkyrie we take a lot of care to ensure our product photos are as true to life as possible so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase from us.

Of course monitors do differ, so some differences are unavoidable.

Who Made These Dice

These dice where produced and manufactured by HD / HengDa Dice. 
Their original name is 'Fae Bloom'.

Please note: the manufacturer has changed the colours in these dice as of December 2020 with an additional pink layer so our current stock is slightly different to the older version.

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