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[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black
[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black
[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black
[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black
[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black

[B-Grade]Dice Grimoire 1.5 - Black

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Due to our high quality threshold, this batch of Grimoires did not meet our standards to the fullest. They are perfectly useable, no damages and no breaks just a simple cosmetic issue; our logo is cut incorrectly on the back. 

Reluctance to sell them at full price for being incorrect on this matter means we have listed them as B-Grades for a lower price to you, our customer. We know the logo effects nothing your side of things but to us it just doesn't feel right charging full price for something we see as imperfect. 

About The Grimoire

Handmade and finished in sleek black with the likeness of our very own Valkyrie these book style dice boxes are perfect for transporting and rolling your dice.

Measuring approximately 15x21x5cm like our 2nd Edition Grimoire's (just no insert tray due to painted surface) with secure magnetic closures and a flexible spine that means the cover can be folded back completely and lined with black felt for that extra plush touch, they're compact and sturdy* for use on the go!

*The black finished variant of the Grimoire requires a little extra care as it can be prone to chipping if pressed against sharp corners etc.

Photography of the Product

Here at Valkyrie we take a lot of care to ensure our product photos are as true to life as possible so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase from us.

Of course monitors do differ, so some differences are unavoidable.

Who Made These 

Produced by Valkyrie RPG
Manufactured by Papa Badger

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